Saturday, July 26, 2014

Woody Allen Brings Hollywood to Rhode Island

Rhode Island is hosting Woody Allen and crew this summer for the filming of a new movie.  Details are pretty hush hush.  No title or plot has been disclosed and locations have not been freely revealed although the move is rumored to be a murder mystery.  This spring, a casting call had been announced for college-aged extras and earlier in July, filming was underway in Newport with Emma Stone and Joaquin Phoenix.  

A photo was posted of Woody Allen filming in Providence on a Facebook group page in which I am a member.  Since the location was literally 10 minutes away, the kids and I scrambled to the car, camera in hand and drove up to the East Side where they were filming.   The boys were so excited to hopefully get a glimpse of Woody Allen and watch some movie making in action.  

And.....they were out to lunch!

I spoke with a camera woman and a couple of lighting guys who said they'd be filming again at dusk.  We went home, came back a couple of hours later, and they were filming.  It was well before dusk.  Luckily we had decided to return earlier.

Emma Stone was walking down the street with Jamie Blackley in this scene.  Since there hadn't been much talk about what's going on, we hadn't heard that Jamie Blackley was in town at this point and thought at first it was Joaquin Phoenix.

We didn't see Woody Allen.  He was not in the director area that was set up and when the filming wrapped for the weekend, I saw him quickly get into a car, too quick for a photo.  The boys were disappointed, they really wanted to see him! 

However, when Emma Stone came out of the house they were filming in, she graciously took a photo with my sons.  They were thrilled!

Filming continues for the next few weeks so we possibly may get a glimpse of the elusive director!  It's always exciting when Hollywood comes to Rhode Island.  Can't wait to see this movie!


  1. Wow that is amazing. Your photos are so clear and right on. Love it.

    1. We were lucky to be able to see them. It is so nice when celebrities take a brief moment to acknowledge their fans. Emma Stone was lovely and gracious and my boys were absolutely thrilled. (so was I)!!!

  2. How exciting for you all to see! Emma Stone just got my vote for her willingness to be in the photo!

    ( don't care much for the elusive director)

    1. She was wonderful. I love when celebrities are personable. It makes me want to see their movies (shows, or buy their songs) even more. Two thumbs up to Emma Stone! She is a sweetheart!