Sunday, April 16, 2017

Science Olympiad

is a competition that is open to middle and high schools. Top winners in each state converge to a national final, this year in Ohio. Neither of my sons had participated previously, but this year, Michael wanted to give it try.  The kids work as partners and Michael entered an event called Road Scholar with a friend.  It involved maps which is right up his alley.  

We've seen how autism affects every person differently.  My husband and I are relatively sure Michael has a photographic memory and he is fascinated with maps. He has an uncanny knack for directions and I call him my private GPS.  

Michael and his fellow team members worked two days per week after school on their various projects, increasing to three days as the competition neared, and every day the last week.  

There had been some apprehension that last week as his partner for Road Scholar was out sick all and Michael became a little stressed, but Saturday morning, everyone arrived bright and early and the competitions got underway.

Kudos to Michael's classmates, teacher and volunteers who assisted the kids with their projects.  His school placed fourth overall for the state middle schools and personally, he and his partner won the gold medal for Road Scholar.

As always, we are so proud of his hard work and accomplishments.