Saturday, May 17, 2014

The C Word...

I haven't worked on a new post for a month.  I've been preoccupied with helping my sons with some last minute school projects.  But mainly, I have been preoccupied with the dreaded, feared and hated C word.  
C - A - N - C - E - R.

I cringe when I hear it. It makes me sad, frustrated and angry.  And it is not me or my family, but 3 very close friends of mine and the sister of another friend.  Two ovarian, one cervical and a possible re-occurrence of breast cancer.  

I haven't been able to work my stress off on the bike path too much, the weather has not cooperated.  Our temperatures tanked back into the 40's, we've had rain, wind and just all around crappy weather for riding.  I've been irritable and tired.   

However, I have had my friends over and we've had drinks and dinner at the Tiki Bar a/k/a my house.  

We've had a lot of laughs this month.  They've done a lot of talking and I've done a lot of listening.  I sometimes feel like I am Lucy in her psychiatric booth, "the doctor is in".  I am glad to be able to provide distractions, a listening ear and some prayers.  I love my friends. But I feel so helpless.  

This week was full of appointments, tests and biopsies.  Results should start filtering in next week.  And I worry for them.  And pray.