Friday, July 11, 2014

Let's Go On a Whale Watch!

The boys were watching JAWS yesterday while I packed a bag to go out on a whale watch yesterday. The water has been relatively calm and we had been itching to spend an afternoon on a boat, so we figured the whale watch would be fun.   We had no illusions about actually seeing whales, they are really not that often seen around here, but if we did, it would be a bonus.  

I had spoken with some of the locals and asked if it was really a rough ride and everyone said, no, it's fine.  I have been on boats, as have the boys, and we've never had any issues with seasickness.  Of course, my husband rolled his eyes and said I was crazy to do it.  But David and Mikey wanted to as well, so we figured we'd give it a try. 

We were so happy while waiting for the boat to leave.
The ride was 2 hours out, 2 hours back.  The ocean looked pretty calm, however the boat was jumping up and down.  David was the first to hang over the rail.  I was next.  Then Mikey followed.  Apparently, about 1/2 the passengers were sick and a woman whose husband works on the fishing boats in Narragansett, said this crew said it was pretty calm and she was surprised as so many people were sick.

We didn't see any whales, but did see some birds.  I'm not sure what they are but based on my search online, I believe they are either a species of Petrel or Shearwater. 

But most of the time, we were hugging the side of the boat or leaning over the rail.  

Land Ho!  (thank goodness)!

So they say the family that plays together, stays together, or plays together and pukes together or whatever.  I think we may have gotten distracted if we had seen any whales or dolphins or sharks or something, but that just wasn't happening.   

When we got in to shore, we still were upset to our stomachs, but our senses of humor were slowly coming back.  David said, "I puked 5 times."  Mikey said, "I puked 4 times."  I said, "I puked 2 times."  

And when we filled in my husband as to our fun family day at sea, the Monday morning quarterback stated, "I told you."   

But because so many were sick, the crew handed out tickets to every passenger for a free whale watch.  Do you think we should go?


  1. Lol I have one word for you Bonine. It doesn't make you sleepy and you could have avoided the puking. I never get on a boat without it. But spending a day at sea with the boys is a great experience and one you will all remember even if for the wrong reason.

    1. We had never had seasickness issues before lol - I will have to remember Bonine. I wonder if it would have worked. We have free tickets for another whale watch, maybe we'll get some Bonine and try it. Next year...