Sunday, July 6, 2014

Boys Will Be Boys

Salty Brine State Beach, Galilee to us older Rhode Islanders, is one of my favorite spots.  It boasts a beautiful beach and a cove to watch the boats come in and out, with many shops and restaurants within walking distance.  While the kids play in the water, I like watching the boats going in and out by the rocks.  

The fishing charters go out every few hours and you can tell how successful the trip was by the amount of seagulls flying behind it.  The staff cleans the fish for the men while they are coming back into shore with the gulls trying to get a bite of some of the waste.  Occasionally, however, a boat will come in, beeping its horn, guys hollering and yelling while one holds up his big catch of the day.  The guy is usually wearing a shit-eating grin, showing off his prize to us beachbums.  Everyone on the beach cheers and claps their hands as the boat heads to its dock. 

I guess boys will be boys no matter how young or how old!

And this lady is loving it too!!


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