Monday, September 2, 2013

Fall...A Time For New Beginnings.

Summer came, and in what seemed like a fleeting moment, was gone. We smile when we reminisce about the fabulous summer we had this year.  For now however, the beach chairs, umbrella and beach bags are stowed safely away until next year.  And we begin a new season.

Last week we began the routine of a new school year.  A very different school year as David started middle school.  He is also taking a bus for the very first time.  And though he tried to hide it, I could see he was nervous.  I was nervous too.  

An August 21 orientation went very well.  David practiced the combination lock to open a locker, walked his schedule to find his classes (alone) while my husband, Mikey and I followed behind.   We all met the principal, vice-principal and some of the teachers.  And the fears began to subside.

Mikey and I walked David to the bus stop on the first day of school.  The bus was on time and David gave a big wave to Mikey and me as he crossed the street to board the bus. 

I am very excited to watch my son grow into a responsible young man, but feel a twinge of sadness as he becomes more independent.  It seems like yesterday that he was in kindergarten and needed me for everything.  Where has the time gone? 


  1. I like the plan A alphabet reminder! Very uplifting!

    1. Agreed, sometimes we need a little encouragement and the OK to know if at first you don't succeed, there is always a plan b, or c, or d......