Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Boston Tribute to Mariano Rivera.

September 15 at Fenway Park was our last baseball game of the season.  Sure, there's another month left of baseball, but only on TV for us.  The Red Sox paid a tribute to New York Yankee Mariano Rivera, one of the games greatest closing pitchers who is retiring this year. He is one of the most respected baseball players of all time.  

Reporters flocked the field and Mariano's interview was conducted in front of the dugout only a few feet from our seats.  He was presented with gifts from the Red Sox which included a painting and a donation to his Panama charities. 

The Yankee team has been riddled with injuries all year and they have been struggling.  Last year Mariano himself was out with a knee injury.  We were hoping to see him pitch in person before he retired, but the games we've been to were played when he was injured last year and were losses for the Yankees this year.  Nevertheless, the boys were thrilled to see their Yankees so close in person, Curtis Granderson autographed our ball and we were front row to the Mariano tribute.  

Enjoy your retirement Mariano, you deserve it!  And in a few years, I'm sure we'll see you in Cooperstown!

(And of course we were unable to get a photo with Jeter, although he did wave to us this time!)

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