Thursday, September 5, 2013

Stowe Farmers Market

While the boys are beginning their new school year, I have been trying to organize the house a bit.  There were still some bags not quite unpacked from our beach escapades and our August Vermont trip.  As I was unpacking, I came across a bag with some goodies I found at the Stowe Farmers Market.  

We discovered the Stowe Farmers Market a few of years ago, and now make sure to include it in our yearly plans.  It runs from 10:30 - 3:00 on Sundays and not only has plenty of fresh veggies and meats, but also unique gift and home items.  There were jarred sauces including hot fudge in several different flavors.  Fresh fruit preserves and even pickled garlic could be found at this farmers' market.  Several booths to purchase prepared food and drinks were scattered throughout the market area.

We bought some garden veggies (of course), stopped by the BBQ tent for the most delicious pulled pork sandwich, and drank some freshly squeezed lemonade.  Then I found some really neat items - handmade slate garden markers and hot plates, a beautiful origami crane mobile, and a moose themed toothbrush holder and soap dish.  

This is definitely worth a trip when in the Stowe area.


  1. I love farmers markets and always try to include one when travelling. It's interesting to see Japanese paper cranes at a booth in Vermont.

    1. The Crane booth was a really cool booth, they had so many different items there. I bought a mobile because I just redid the small bedroom in my house to be an office/family room. There was a hook on the ceiling and I bought the mobile to hang there. The Stowe Farmers Market had so many cool booths and the pulled pork sandwich was so good!