Tuesday, May 28, 2013

In Search of Bruce Willis, (Bucket List Item)...

My friend Linda facebooked me Friday night “Bruce Willis is in Providence.  How did we miss that?”  I remembered his daughter Scout attends Brown University, so I googled Brown graduation and found that Memorial Day weekend was the graduation. 

Twitter was buzzing:

Bruce Willis spotted on Thayer St. minutes ago!  #RhodyRadar

Bruce Willis is in my dad's restaurant and I'm not there #figures

No big deal or anything but Bruce Willis was at my restaurant today. #celebstatus

Bruce Willis Came to my job OMG!!!! Die harddddddddd

Hola Bruce Willis, thanks for visiting me this morning. #starstruck

Also caught a glimpse of May @GQ_India cover star Bruce Willis looking like a regular proud dad at the graduation. #CelebsArePeopleToo

Casually saw Bruce Willis at my hotel this morning #biltmore #providence

Sitting next to Bruce Willis at dinner at Brown. Didn't expect that. (@ Mill's Tavern Restaurant

It was the weekend, my husband was busy working in order to get ready for us to go away for a few days and my sons were home, one with a nasty cold.  The weather was cold, windy and rainy and it was just not possible for me to get out and search for Bruce Willis, although I knew he would be at Brown for most of Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  But also, I figured he’d want his family time and not have people going up to him and invading his privacy, so it took all the willpower I had to not go looking for one of my absolute FAVORITE movie stars and knocking off one of THE top items on my bucket list. 

I did however send the following tweet to his gorgeous wife, who was also in Providence for Scout’s graduation:  “you have a beautiful family-meeting Bruce, getting a photo w/him is on my bucket list-can u help? I am in RI & he is here now too.”   She didn’t tweet me back. 

Photos of the graduation were posted later in the weekend.



Bruce looked a little irritated, so I know I made the right choice, but on Monday I saw the following tweet:

Saw Bruce Willis at Venda >>>

It had been tweeted an hour before I saw it.  Venda is only a couple of miles from my house and I dragged the boys with me on the chance he may still be around.  We parked around the block and took a walk around.  But alas, there was no Bruce Willis to be found.

So, this bucket list item remains unfulfilled.  But I must admit I enjoyed the brief fantasy of meeting Bruce Willis, and asking him if he would please take a photo with me!   And heck, if I had seen him walking while I was in my car, I would definitely have hollered out "Yippee Ki-AYE!!!


  1. It's too bad you weren't able to get a pic with Bruce Willis but I agree with you Bruce looked a little irritated.

    1. Yes, he certainly did - I had googled Bruce Willis on Memorial Day to see if he still was around and found a blog post with these photos. The author said how proud he looked but all I could see was irritation in these shots. I have my own philosophy about celebrities. I feel they are fair game when promoting their work or 'working' either in concert or shooting a show or movie, but it's infringing on their privacy when they are clearly having family time. Had he been filming something, I would have been all over it!! I just love Bruce Willis!! And lets face it, fans like me who see his movies and buy the dvds are putting a lot of money in his pocket! A photo with him would totally make my day (or year)!!

    2. So close, yet so far away... Sorry you missed him. Maybe you should send him a message that the next time he's in town you need to see him. lol!

    3. HA HA - I'm sure he'll run right over to see me!! NOT!!