Sunday, May 26, 2013

“If You Like Us, Tell Others. If You Don’t, Tell Us.”

We’ve all heard this phrase before.  Well, I LOVED the Box House Hotel in Brooklyn, NY. and just had to tell someone about it!

The hotel was located just over the Pulaski Bridge from Queens and is at the northern part of Brooklyn in the Greenpoint neighborhood.  Previously a door factory with apartments on the 2nd and 3rd floors, it now houses 45 rooms/suites.  

The entrance on Box Street is currently undergoing renovations which I believe is for a new, bigger lobby.   There is a small exercise room and coin operated laundry room for the convenience of guests.  The lobby hosts a bowl of fresh fruit, water with lemon and two computer stations that guests can utilize.   The Box House old style cabs provide complimentary local transportation (within a mile radius).  Dunkin Donuts was only a couple of blocks away (which made me very happy)!

Lobby (with my stuff on the chair)

The staff were all quick to answer questions, call for cabs and assist with directions.  Singh, who seemed to do everything, serving as doorman to driver was quick to greet us with a big smile, helped carry bags to our room, went over all the features of the room, drove us to Pauley Gee’s (a FANTASTIC pizza joint) in the complimentary cab, picked us up when we were done, and even drove us to a spot (both at dusk and later at night) to get some photos of the Manhattan Skyline.

Our room was a one bedroom terrace suite.  There was a full kitchen including full size refrigerator, microwave and stovetop.   The 200 sq ft terrace had an obstructed city view, but pretty nonetheless.  The couch pulled out to a very comfortable bed.  The entire suite was tastefully decorated and fully functional for our needs.  

Needless to say, I was thrilled with finding this gem of a hotel which will now be our go to place to say when visiting NYC! 

*Please note, this blog is a personal blog.  Any like (or dislike) is strictly my opinion and I do not get paid for any endorsement or recommendation I make.  


  1. " Previously a door factory"

    Get a clue. This wasn't a door factory. This was Plant #2 of the Harte & Co. It was used to manufacture PVC sheets by the thousands of yards. Hope the pretentious urban exploring flyover state touristas enjoy their stay inside a PCB-laden plastic factory.

    I'm a lifelong resident of The Point and lived across the street from the Dupont Street plant; so, I know what I'm talking about.

    1. "pretentious urban exploring flyover state touristas" Wow, what a mouthful!! -

      Dude - there's no need to be rude here. Singh the doorman, driver, when I asked what the building was before the hotel, told me this had been a door factory and that he had been a manager. The 2nd and 3rd floors were formally apartments. Now, if that's not the case, Im quite sure you could have stated your opinion in a way that might have held some weight regardless of whether you are right, or maybe have the building confused with another building close by. I have to question your credibility as someone who actually knows this for a fact, or someone who may have been a previous guest at the hotel who has sour grapes for whatever reason.

  2. To King Ning,
    Jeez! Get over yourself! What's wrong with being a tourist?