Monday, February 29, 2016


Life's been busy and at some points overwhelming.  Since last April's A - Z Blogging Challenge, I have only posted a handful of blog posts.  I have to admit there has been an extreme lack of inspiration compounded with the day to day chaos of life.  I have to plead guilty to a little bit of situational depression brought on by a number of things, most stemming from cancer diagnoses of several close friends.

There were also some highlights in the past year including a trip to Washington, DC so the boys could participate in the Close-Up Program.  

I was also an extra in the movie Bleed For This a little over a year ago, which is about local boxer Vinnie Pazienza who overcame severe injuries in a horrific car accident to win a boxing championship.  Originally slated to be released in late 2015, it has been pushed to sometime this year in light of the releases of Southpaw and Creed.

Summer peaked here in RI in August through September, with some beautiful, hot beach days in September once the kids were in school.  I was fortunate to be able to drop the boys at school and head down to the beach to meet friends, enjoying the late summer sun and surf.  One particular day, a couple of friends and I walked over to Champlins, one of the restaurants by the water where another friend was tending bar.  The travel channel was there filming a segment for Bizzare Foods with Andrew Zimmern and we wound up eating some of the featured dishes and giving our opinions for the camera!  The show is actually airing this week, so we'll have see if we made the cut!

As March approaches, I've been assembling some thoughts on a theme to again participate in the A-Z blogging, themes to be announced around the end of March.  

Happy Monday!!    


  1. OMG,now did you come up w/ that quote yourself or did you see it somewhere? I hear you... I have barely blogged, try to keep up with doing one event listings post a month - mostly so that I have a clue what is going on, but other than that, it's been challenging to blog. Not for lack of ideas, but focus on other projects. Sorry to hear about your friends dealing with cancer. Scary. But also, I adore Louise Hay - You can Heal Your Life, and she has other books about nutrition, healing, affirmation, which some people say is bunk, but one can always try it, nothing to lose. I also fear that cancer is not dealt w/ well in the US, we overdiagnose it, and not all treatments are equally good for all people. More personalized treatment is in order. I can send you some info on the Healing cancer world summit somewhere in my computer. You're in a new year, so new energy, and new things can happen. : )

    1. Hi Courtney - thanks for stopping by - I saw this somewhere on Facebook and thought it was great! Yeah, I hear you, time is a factor, but I haven't been in the right frame of mind either. This past week I have worked on a couple of ideas, so we'll see how it goes! I hope the energy changes, this new year did not start out so well. I could use some new energy and new things!

    2. Yes! I still don't know if I'm committing to A-Z either. And it's in 2 days.

    3. I know - I had made a list of posts but haven't been able to to really get it together. I think I may pass this year!