Saturday, August 30, 2014

Air Force One and the POTUS in RI

President Obama flew into T.F. Green Airport in Warwick, RI to attend a fundraising event in Newport yesterday.  Given the fact that my top (and most unattainable) bucket list item is riding in Air Force Once coupled with the fact that my boys are avid history buffs, my oldest being very interested in Presidents, we decided to go to the airport to view Air Force One fly in.

My own fascination with Air Force One began after I saw the movie of that same name featuring Harrison Ford as the President and Gary Oldman as one of the terrorists who hijacked Air Force One.  Since that day, I've dreamed of seeing this fantastic plane that only a few have the privilege of traveling in.  Even though I know it will never happen, I've never taken it off my bucket list!

There would be no motorcade as President Obama would be flying on Marine One (helicopter) to get to Newport, RI, but we still wanted to see the plane even though there would likely be no sighting of the President.  Ordinary people like us don't usually get the opportunity to meet a President, not with a $15,000 price tag to attend these fundraisers.  My sons would be thrilled to meet a President of the United States, as would I, but we most likely will never be afforded that opportunity, so we were content to be in Warwick getting a glimpse of the POTUS fly in on the plane.

The coast guard helicopter was in the sky as the Warwick Police patrolled the area in cars and on motorcycle.  

Obama was scheduled to come in at 6:10.  A few minutes early, a plane flew  by in a different direction than the runway.  I took a photo and zoomed it in on my camera viewer and saw the American flag on the tail.  

Once Air Force One landed, we could make out people descending down both the front and rear stairs.  Several minutes later, Military One, another helicopter and three military helicopters flew off to whisk the group to the Newport fundraiser.  

Though it wound up being the smaller of the 2 Air Force 'Ones', my sons and I were thrilled to watch the plane fly in.  And I still retain my bucket list dream of sometime riding in this gorgeous plane!

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