Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Say Cheese Mr. Hawk

There are just some days something incredulous happens and you just shake your head. Today was one of those day, but in a good way.   I left early for my bike ride and on the last three miles, came up upon a clearing.  A man was off his bicycle, speaking with a woman walker, both looking up into a tree.  I slowed down and he said, pointing, "I think it's a falcon and it's eating something.  I quickly retrieved my camera and zoomed in for a couple of shots.   I was pretty sure it was a juvenile red tail hawk.  (Later when I saw it fly, I saw the red tail feathers).  As I took a few photographs, the guy rode off on his bike and the woman walked on leaving me alone with the hawk.  

The first few shots came out dark due to the shadows and the trees, so I figured I'd use the flash.  If the hawk flew, so be it.  But he didn't. I ended up with over 50 shots, during the course of at least 20 minutes. A couple of times I tried to leave, but he would fly to another tree, almost taunting me to follow.  He went back and forth to 4 different trees and even landed on the ground at one point. I almost thought he was going to land on my bike's handlebars!  He seemed like he was enjoying getting his picture taken and had no fear of me at all. I was even talking to him.  I asked him, "Are you messing with me?", and he would tilt his head as if he was listening.  Finally after about 30 minutes I pedaled off and he was still hanging around.  I hope I see him again...


  1. Beautiful photos!

    1. thank you - glad you enjoyed them! I had a blast taking them!!