Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Tea at the Plaza

We visited the Plaza Hotel during our December weekend in New York.   There were the mandatory photos by the Christmas tree.  The boys were in awe of the gorgeous Palm Court.  My husband and I hadn't been to the Plaza since 1999 and due to the busy holiday weekend that year, we were unable to sit down or even make reservations for tea.   This time we were able to make a reservation for 3:45 p.m.  When we mentioned our sons would not be eating due to their food allergies, the manager who was standing at the reservation podium said the kitchen would be able to make the boys a fruit plate with no cross contamination issue.  Had we arrived during the lunch time, he assured us that the Plaza could safely prepare several items on the lunch menu as well.  (We will try it on a future trip).  

The Palm Court
I chose the Fitzgerald Tea for the Ages which included curried lobster salad, local apple deviled quail egg salad, smoked salmon, wild sturgeon, roasted turkey sandwich, and a pomegranate chutney cucumber sandwich.  There were scones and a desert plate with an assortment of sweet treats.   My husband's New Yorker featured a selection which included a roast beef sandwich that looked delicious!  We added the optional glass of champagne for an extra $22.00, and when asked which tea we would like, my choice was the only one with a surcharge!   The Madame Butterfly Jasmine Green Tea was absolutely divine and well worth the extra $8.00.  And I most definitely took advantage of the free refill!   My son David only eats pineapple and strawberries, so the chefs made a lovely plate for him with just those two fruits.  Mikey's plate was gorgeous and even included fresh figs which he adores.  

We enjoyed the elegant atmosphere and drank in the opulent decor in the beautiful Palm Court on this lovely relaxing Sunday at the Plaza. And after, walked out to snow flurries coming down over Fifth Avenue as the doorman vacuumed the sidewalk!   

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