Saturday, December 14, 2013

A Little Full, Lot of Sap - Taking a Page From The Griswolds

It is mid-December already  Our New York trips to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade as well as the next weekend to see the Christmas decorations in Manhattan really threw off my holiday decorating timeline. Rather than completed by the end of Thanksgiving weekend, I just finished today.

We returned this past Tuesday night and I immediately went right out on Wednesday to pick out a tree.  There was a decent selection and I found one I liked that looked full and was nicely shaped.  They offered free delivery and the tree was dropped off within an hour. 

My daughter came over that afternoon and when she saw the tree on the walk she just started laughing.  “How are we going to get that in the house?”   We lugged it up the stairs of the deck and with both of us laughing hysterically and my husband shaking his head while holding the side door open.  It took a couple of attempts but eventually we shoved it inside. 

“A little full, lot of sap.”  

Well that was an understatement. 

 "But honey, the tree didn't look that big on the lot!" 

"Dad, that tree wouldn't fit in our yard."  "It's not going in our yard Rusty, it's going in our living room..."

This tree must be six or seven feet wide.  A foot and a half was cut off the top and I even trimmed some of the lower branches. I had to wedge the angel between the tree and the ceiling, but that seems to help anchor it up, although it looks like it has tilted a bit!   So it sat in the stand, bare but for the angel  as I dug out the decorations. I have been refilling the water every couple of hours.  My friends came over for my son Michael’s birthday cake on Wednesday night.  They all did double-takes as they came up the stairs.  It wasn’t decorated as I only had one set of lights.  So Thursday, off to Target to get more lights.  It took 900 lights, but once they were on, the tree looked pretty good.  And Thursday night the boys and I hung the ornaments. 

And it’s still quite big, but it looks pretty nice!  And we tied it to the wall in case it tips any more!  But finally the decorating is done!  I guess I’d better do some Christmas shopping now!

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