Monday, December 23, 2013

Gemma in East Village NYC ~ A Leap of Faith

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The Wine Room
Kudos to Gemma located in the Bowery Hotel in the East Village of Manhattan.  We happened upon it while walking around during our Thanksgiving weekend in New York City and enjoyed a scrumptious Sunday brunch.  After our meal, we were chatting with Sam, one of the waiters, about our sons’ food allergies.  Reed, the manager on duty, joined the conversation, confident in the fact that the restaurant would most definitely be able to accommodate our sons' dairy, egg and nut allergies.  After speaking at length to Reed and Sam, we agreed to have dinner the following Saturday for Mikey’s birthday when we returned to Manhattan.  Our sons just don't eat out in restaurants because of the number of foods they are allergic too as well as the cross-contamination issues.  And an Italian restaurant with cheese and butter!  This was truly a major leap of faith!

We did make reservations for dinner the following week.  Friends from Cooperstown were in the city and planned to meet us at Gemma for dinner.  We requested Sam as our server.  Billy was the manager working this particular evening and he sat with us and again discussed our concerns with the allergy and cross-contamination issues.  While we waited for our friends George, Tina and Aidan to join us, we ordered for the boys.  They shared a huge plate of sautéed green beans, mushrooms and roasted potatos, followed by spaghetti with plain marinara sauce.  I ordered a French martini (or possibly 3).  Armed with epi-pens just in case, my husband and I watched the kids devour their veggies, then dig into their plates of spaghetti.  For desert they had the dairy, egg and nut free cupcakes that I made a day earlier.

The boys loved their sautéed veggies and roasted potatoes.

When David and Mikey were done, they played on their iPad while the rest of us enjoyed a leisurely dinner and some drinks.  The food was delectable and the drinks were fantastic.  Sam was attentive to our every need from start to finish. He also was a good sport, posing for a couple of photos at the end of our meal.

Carpaccio Di Manzo 

Saltimbocca Alla Romana veal cutlet topped with proscuitto di parma and sage with sauteed wild mushrooms.
Torta Di Cioccolato warm chocolate cake with vanilla gelato.
Sam our waiter with Mikey, the birthday boy!

And for one night, I didn’t have to cook.  At all…


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