Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Our Love Affair With Vermont

Three Mountain Lodge - Jeffersonville, VT

When my sons were younger it was impossible to take them anywhere.  Michael, in particular was prone to severe meltdowns, seemingly arising out of nowhere, turning him from Dr. Jekyl to Mr. Hyde in one tenth of a second.  There was no advance warning, no specific trigger and any excursion had the potential of becoming a disaster for once Michael's tantrums started, David would get upset and have his own little meltdowns as well.  

Five years ago, one of my husband's colleagues offered to rent us his time-share condo at Smuggler's Notch in northern Vermont for a week in August.  Hesitantly, we chose to go, not knowing how the boys would react to spending a week in strange, unfamiliar surroundings.  

We shouldn't have worried.  David & Mikey loved our trip and this began our love affair with Vermont.  

We spent that first year checking out some of the local attractions, ventured to Montpelier for a quick lunch and a visit to the small history museum on Main Street.  We drove to Montreal where we toured downtown Montreal via a horse and buggy ride.  We found the Miller’s country store in Morrisville which we now visit every year. In Burlington, we sailed on the Spirit of Ethan Allen around part of Lake Champlain for a one hour sightseeing tour.  We also began our annual tradition of seeking out covered bridges, (which as of last year, we have been to approximately 80 of the 116 covered bridges in Vermont).  And the week flew by…  

Our first trip away, after spending the early years never venturing out other than for everyday living and school, was a resounding success.  Every year when my husband’s collegue gives us the opportunity to rent the condo before offering it to anyone else, we take it.  We have come to Vermont every year since 2008 and are almost done with our week for the sixth time!  I have some great places to show you in some future posts, but below are some photos I dug up from our first trip in 2008.  

Pit Stop in Quechee, VT

Cambridge Junction Covered Bridge, Cambridge, VT
Horse and Buggy Ride - Downtown Montreal
Vermont History Museum - Montpelier, VT
Lunch at J. Morgan Steakhouse - Montpelier, VT


  1. Looks like a wonderful place to visit! Looking forward to your next posts, Judi!

    1. Thank you Marianne! Have a bunch to get organized, including a haunted covered bridge!!

  2. It must be a fun place to visit. I'm especially interested in the covered bridges, we don't have them out here. They are such good subject matter for photographs. Only 36 more to go.

    1. I don't know why I am so fascinated with the bridges, but I am and we love going hunting for them. Vermont originally had over 600 until the big flood in the 1920's where they lost 500 covered bridges. I believe Pennsylvania and Indiana currently have the most covered bridges. We haven't been out that way though.