Thursday, August 15, 2013

Keep Calm and Drink Wine

When I think of Vermont, I think of majestic mountains, sprawling farms, black and white Holstein dairy cows, snow and ski resorts.  But more recently, Vermont has become home to over a dozen wineries.

On our second trip to Vermont in 2009, 
I stumbled upon the Boyden Valley
Winery table at the Smugglers Notch Farmers Market.  After tasting 2 reds and 2 whites (at 9am), I left with a bottle of Boyden Valley Winery's Barn Red.  Later that night, my husband and I snacked on some Vermont cheddar and smoked pepperoni with that wonderful bottle of wine.

The Boyden Valley Winery is located in Cambridge, VT, only a short ride from Smugglers Notch.   One afternoon we decided to take a tour and stay for a wine tasting.  And so began our yearly tradition of spending an afternoon at the winery when we visit Vermont.

This year we decided to go on the tour again and also partake in another wine tasting.  They have added more wines to their selection as well as their new creme liquors.

Mikey and David love to smell the  wines!

Boyden Valley Winery's cheese plate is fantastic.  There is a patio area where we take lunch for the boys (food allergies!), but my husband and I always get cheese plates and a bottle of wine.  But since we did the tasting this year, we just had the glass of wine that accompanied the plate.  I found a new favorite, the blueberry wine and my husband enjoyed the cranberry wine!

We always make it a point to stay a few hours every year.  There is a jungle gym the boys can play on, we walk around the farm to see the vines and take pictures of the beautiful scenery.  The property is gorgeous, the cheese and wine is phenomenal and it is a great place to just stop, relax and smell the wine!  


  1. Sounds wonderful, Judi! I just love wineries. There are a bunch in northern Michigan, too. The ones near the Traverse City area are very popular, but there are more cropping up all around the state. Micro breweries, too. What fun!
    Sounds like I need to visit Vermont. :-) It looks gorgeous!

    1. Vermont is beautiful Marianne - we always find things to do - they have a lot of micro breweries in Vermont too - my favorite beer is Switchback which was only available in limited areas in Vermont on tap only - this year they started bottling (big bottles). We haven't tried any of the wines other than Boyden Valley because we like them so much. And this year I brought back a bottle of their maple creme liquour and their apple maple creme liquor - we tried them at the tasting and they were delicious!!

  2. Looks lovely! Great pic of the cheese plate!

    1. thanks Courtney - it's a great way to spend an afternoon! cheese plate is delicious!!