Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Beaching It...

The end of June brings the school year to a close, but begins four weeks at my most favorite place in the world…the beach.  While the boys finished their last week of school, I was allowed to move our things in the beach house we rent from the last week of June to the third week in July.  The house is vacant from the end of May when the college kids move out so once cleaned, my landlords (who have become wonderful friends) allow me to move in early.

And while most people will agree at how dirty and annoying the seagulls are, I just adore seeing them because for me seagulls = beach. 

My husband is a city person.  He hates the beach and stays home while my blood pressure and stress levels go down just by being here.   And fortunately the kids love it too, even my big kid who will be 30 this year!  So my husband can stay in the city, we will enjoy every minute we are down here.

Hope you all have had a lovely start to a wonderful summer!


  1. Wonderful! I can smell the salt air now.

    1. I LOVE the beach although we have a stalled jet stream and the weather is not very good at all - stuck in this weather pattern for several days, expected to continue for another week! Watch for the fog pics!!