Monday, June 10, 2013

A Gaggle of Geese, A Pair of Swans and A Great Blue Heron

Blackstone River at the Manville Dam in Lincoln

The Blackstone River in Northern Rhode Island hosts a variety of RI wildlife.  I have been biking the route about 3 days a week, anywhere from 17-22 miles per day.  I always grab my Fuji Fine Pix because it is lightweight and has a 30x zoom. 

Gaggles of Canadian Geese are littered throughout the 10 mile part of the path I ride and there are babies galore this spring.  Mother Geese keep a watchful eye on their goslings.  They even run and hiss at the bikers as we pass, although I have noticed these moms have become less aggressive as the goslings get bigger. 

Several pairs of swans are also scattered along the path.  They are so beautiful as they swim by.  I always stop to take a photo.

The Great Blue Heron is my favorite bird on the bike path.  Watching them forage for their meal is so fascinating for this city girl.  They stand in water like statues and I have watched them wait for 10-15 minutes without moving before plucking an unlucky frog, fish or river rat from the water. 

Poor Frog
Patiently Waiting, Perfectly Still


Can't wait to see what else I'll see the next time I ride!


  1. This is a great post but I'm biased because I'm kind of a birder guy. Near a river is always a great place to see birds and wildlife. The photos you're getting here are really good. I especially like the river and dam image. I've seen Great Blue Herons several times but either I don't have a camera or I'm unable to get a good shot so I'm envious of your luck with that. Also, the swans are pretty. We don't see them around here. The Geese are so common people don't take notice but they really are beautiful birds although they get a little testy with goslings around. Good job.

    1. Thanks Dan - I am enjoying my bird watching on the bike rides - I use an older point & shoot camera on the path. I wish I had a great zoom for my Nikon that would get these same shots (only better)! but then again, it would be much heavier to lug around too! It takes the 30x zoom to be able to get this close to the herons. They take off as soon as you get too near. You're right, the geese are really common, even in the city they are in some of the area parks. They are nasty buggers while the goslings are little!

  2. Good job on those pics! Great shot of the heron eating the frog. Love the baby geese!

    1. thanks Courtney - I love photographing the birds on the bike path!! I had never seen herons before!