Saturday, October 13, 2012

The New York Yankees Took Us Out to the Ballgame

My boys love watching baseball.  We added the MLB package to our cable several years ago as they got more and more interested in the game.  A visit to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY thrilled them.  My husband got seats right on the visitors dugout for a couple of games at Fenway park and the boys loved it.  When we visited Philadelphia, I got tickets to a Phillies game and we even toured the stadium.  

But at heart, my boys are Yankees fans.  Originally a Red Sox fan, I have to admit the Yankees have won me over.  On our way home Philadelphia in April, 2011, I had purchased Yankees tickets.  An accident on the George Washington Bridge had us sitting in traffic for over 3 hours and my sons were crying as we listened to the game on the radio.  By the time we got to Yankee Stadium, it was the 8th inning.  We were fortunate to see the great Mariano pitch an inning, but the evening was overall a bust.  So, for David, Jr's birthday in August, I got front row seats, near the Yankees' dugout in Baltimore.  In 2011, Baltimore was a last place team and it was easy to get good seats.  We figured we'd see a little more of Philly and spend the next day in Baltimore, catch the game and go home.  But Hurricane Irene hit the east coast and we had to cancel our trip, losing the money for the tickets in the process.

This past May, I sent a letter to the Yankees, explaining our bad luck in taking our sons to see their favorite team play.  Within a week, I received a phone call from the Yankee's administrative offices and was told the Yankees would like to invite us to a ballgame.  They sent me a form and asked me to pick two games from the list that we would like to attend, and depending on availability, they would give us 4 complimentary tickets to one of those games.  I sent in the form and received another phone call saying 4 tickets would be at the pickup window for the June 19 game with the Atlanta Braves.  And they were great seats!  Practically on the field!!

We bought tickets for the Yankee Stadium tour in the afternoon and were amazed at how beautiful the stadium was.  

If we had been able to see Derek Jeter and get an autograph, my sons would have been in heaven!  We toured the dugout and our guide threw us a ball that one of the Atlanta Braves had hit in our direction!   I was so impressed with the way the Yankee organization takes care of their fans.  The woman we dealt with was so professional and courteous.  The stadium was filled with Yankee employees willing to help the fans with anything as they filed in for the game.  

While the Atlanta Braves eventually won this game, David and Michael had such a great time at the game.  I am so grateful to the Yankees for treating us to this game.  And I, along with my sons, was happy to cheer the Yankees on as they won the ALDS this week against Baltimore.  We will be cheering them on as they now take on the Detroit Tigers to clinch the American League title and go on to the World Series.  



  1. Looks like they are having fun and what a wonderful occasion!

    1. David & Mikey love baseball - they will watch no matter who is playing, but they LOVE the Yankees!!