Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Girls Can Be So Fickle...

I picked my sons up from school a couple of weeks ago and David looked quite perturbed.  Autism manifests differently in kids and while both of my sons are both pretty social, they are naive in their dealings with their peers.  David is just now learning how to effectively deal with other kids.  David tends to make mountains out of slightly out of the ordinary interactions and disagreements.  From his mood, I sensed that something was bothering him.

I asked him what happened at school today and he said, "Well, I got this love letter in school today.  It had love, love, love all over it and it was in my desk."  

Stifling a laugh I asked who it was from.  "Some girl."  I had to pry the information out of him and learned it was a girl named Jailean in 4th grade (he's in 5th).  They  have the same lunch period together, but basically don't see each other all day.  

"Well, David, just be nice and say hi if you see her at lunch.  It takes a lot of courage to send a note to someone you don't know and you don't want to make her feel bad.  Just be nice to her"

"But Mom, I'm too young to be in a relationship..."

And I lost it, laughing hysterically.

Occasionally David told me he waved to Jailean at lunch or smiled at her after lunch.  I hadn't heard anything for over a week, so I asked David yesterday how his 'girlfriend' was.

And in a very matter of fact tone he replied, "Oh, she hates me now."  

"Really?  Why," I asked.  

"Because I'm friends with Josh and she HATES Josh.  Josh said she flipped me off."  

So I guess the love affair was very short-lived.  Girls can be so fickle.  


  1. Oh the things that come out of children's mind and mouth, some time are just so precious, and other time fun and embarrassing at the same!

    He is handling the "relationship" well :-), and it's good for him to just brush that off..Girl..yup, girl..

    1. They do say the darnedest things! He was so funny, but I'm happy his social interactions are coming along. It's a challenging part of autism. I'm proud of him, he is such a sensitive and kind boy...