Sunday, April 13, 2014

Oh Deer!

Green is scarce on the bike path right now.  There is much greater visibility this early spring than I remember in the past.  Deer are around the river and forest in the area, but I very rarely see them.  Over the past week, I have caught fleeting glances of white tails, but behind all the trees and branches, the deer have been difficult see, let alone photograph.  

A lot of people are amused at my excitement for seeing all this wildlife on the bike path, but as a lifelong city girl, I have not seen deer in the wild before, only occasionally at a zoo!  Last week, there was a day where I was fortunate to see two sets of deer.  Pretty soon when all the brush fills in, the deer will be hard to see, but here's a few shots from the other day.  I am really hoping to see a buck as well as a fawn or two one of these days!


  1. I like these photos of the deer in the brush, has an abstract quality we artists appreciate. Mule deer are quite common here but I still take pause when I see them.

    1. thank you Dan, I love seeing them on the bike path. My zoom isn't that great, so I end up cropping a bit.