Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Salt Pond on Fire

Sunsets in Narragansett can be breathtaking!  The sun sets over Salt Pond in Point Judith and this one particular evening it looked like the water was on fire. 

Salt ponds are formed as the ocean waters rise.  They spill into depressions in the landscape.  They create shallow estuaries and inlets which connect the ponds and the sea.   

In 2006, as development of a 67 acre housing project was getting underway, developers found the remains of a Native American settlement (the Narragansett Indians), temporarily halting construction.  Construction did resume and Salt Pond is not only home to many fishing boats and marinas but also beautiful homes around the pond.  

And the sunsets are amazing.


  1. Sunset over water is always special - but you've made it sensational!! Have a great day!!!

    1. Thank you very much for your comment - it was a spectacular sunset that night - I hadn't seen one like that before!