Thursday, July 25, 2013

Derek Jeter & The Yankees at Fenway Park

An unexpected bucket list opportunity came up after we came home from the beach on Saturday.  An acquaintance of my husband had offered to sell him 4 tickets for the Sunday evening, ESPN NY Yankees/Boston Red Sox game at Fenway Park.   

Because the tickets were for seats in the first row behind the opposing team (Yankee) dugout, we would have a really good chance at getting close to the Yankee players, most importantly Derek Jeter, who my two sons absolutely adore!  My related bucket list item is getting a photo for my sons with them and Derek so I can hang it in their room.

We have been to Yankee Stadium three times, each time going early in the hopes of getting a photo with Derek Jeter.  We have not had any luck.  He has never been out signing autographs at the games we have attended and my oldest son David in particular, has been very disappointed. 

On the morning of the game I wrote a note to no one in particular, in a nutshell stating my sons were huge Yankee fans, particularly Derek Jeter fans, and it would mean the world to them if they could get a photo with Jeter.  I asked that the receiver of the note ask Derek if he would consider my request.  I folded the note and stuck it in my wallet with the tickets. 

We arrived at Fenway Park early and made our way to our seats as soon as we were allowed in, 90 minutes before the game.  A few of the players were around signing autographs.  About a half hour or so before the game, Buster Olney, one of ESPN’s announcers came by and signed a few autographs including one for us.  I asked him if he would read this note, and tossed it to him.  He put it in his pocket. 

Somewhere around the 4th or 5th inning, I had zoomed my point and shoot camera in at Derek Jeter, who was to the right of us at the end of the dugout and I snapped a couple of photos, the last of which he was looking directly at me. 

I had initiated the contact with the note and figured if he was interested in accommodating my request, he would have someone say something to us.  I didn’t want to make him think we were some crazy stalker fans.  Hindsight is 20/20 and in retrospect I probably should have followed through with a wave or something, but quite frankly, I was a little intimidated.  All right, I was a lot intimidated.   During the first inning, I had called over to him and he responded with a nod, not really looking over.  As a matter of fact, several people had called over to him throughout the course of the entire game and he did not look their way.  I didn’t want to be perceived as a pain in the you know where and irritate him when he seemed to not want to be bothered.  

I keep wondering what would have happened had the Yankees won, but I guess I'll never know.   After 11 innings, with a full count and 2 outs, Napoli hit a home run for a walk off Red Sox win.  The Yankees all made a beeline for the dugout and the bucket list item slid on the back burner once again.  

In spite of the Yankee's loss, we had a FABULOUS time watching our favorite team play in these great seats!  And it wasn't too bad having Derek Jeter within 6 feet of us for most of the game.  David & Mikey were thrilled to not only see Jeter, but have such a close vantage point watching their favorite team play!  I'm quite sure we will all be talking about this experience for a long time.

Derek Jeter was right in front of us for most of the game!!
Derek Jeter
Buster Olney - ESPN
CC Sabathia

Red Sox' Mascot Wally!
Brett Gardner

Robinson Cano

Ichiro Suzuki

Buster Olney & Andy Pettit's autographs


  1. Well, you gave it a good shot. He might have been willing to do it but just couldn't get it put together. It would've been fun to go to that game, the Yankees and Red Sox are such a great rivalry. Again, the pictures turned out well. It helps to have good seats.

    1. Who knows, these celebrities can be pretty fickle! It was a great game and so cool to be so close! And Jeter is pretty hot up close!! We had a fantastic time! As far as a photo with Jeter, at least my sons know I gave it a shot! Even though it didn't pan out, I do teach them about perseverance and if at first you don't succeed.... LOL

  2. Hate to say it but I think the right team won . . . sounds like you all had fun and next time you'll be that awful stalker and get your photo!! :D Great post I love all the pics!

    1. Red Sox have been playing awesome this year and the Yankees have had just too many injuries. But I would have liked the Yankees to win so we could see the great Mariano Riveira pitch before he retires at the end of the season. We have tickets to next week's game at Fenway, same seats right on the Yankees dugout. I am hoping that Jeter will be there and will let us get our photo and also I am hoping that we will finally get to see Riveira pitch. In any case, I'm sure it will be a great time!!