Sunday, March 17, 2013

Going to Foxwoods, (well actually the Pequot Museum)

I love field trips.  I have chaperoned my sons' field trips since pre-school and we always have a great time.  I have been involved with the PTO, so most of the kids know me by sight, but chaperoning gives me an opportunity to get to know some of them better.  I admit I was a little nervous however with a group of 9 pre-teens.  The kids today are growing up so fast and 5th graders today seem like the 8th graders when I was young.  And my son is very naive, socially, behind his peers a bit which I attribute a lot to the autism.  My plan was to stick with the teacher's group and pretty much keep the class together.

Upon entering the Pequot Museum in Ledyard, CT at Foxwoods, we toured the replica village.  Our guide was the great, great granddaughter of Elizabeth George.  Elizabeth George was instrumental in getting the Meshantucket Pequots back together to live on the reservation in Connecticut.  The Pequot tribe which had flourished, lost 80% of their tribe to disease when the English came to America, then were massacred during a two year war with the settlers.  The class had learned a little about this before visiting the museum and interacted well with the guide.  

We met in the gathering hall for lunch and my group began their requests for our afternoon itinerary!  Everyone wanted to go up in the tower, where an elevator took us way up, overlooking the impressive Foxwood Casino.  

We took some group photos, did a little shopping at the gift shop and visited several more of the exhibits.  I was pleasantly surprised at how interested they were in watching some of the short documentaries housed within the exhibits and we even came across one featuring the story of Elizabeth George.  

We went through 'Glacier cave' and visited the exhibit of how the indians hunted and survived during the winters,

made another quick trip up to the tower then back to the gathering hall to meet the rest of the group and go home.  The kids were very well behaved, curious, interactive and we had a lot of fun.  


  1. This looks so fun! Makes me want to go to a museum again soon! Love your blog.

    Follow back if you can :)

    1. My sons are history freaks! They would rather go to a museum than an amusement park. We love when we have the opportunity to explore new museums and the Pequot Museum was definitely worth the trip! Glad to have you following, will check yours out too !