Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Dinner & A Play

The Ocean State Theater is a small theater in Warwick, RI.  My friend's nephew had an ensemble part in their production of Rent and last week, a group of us went out to dinner, then to the show.

The martini of choice was a French Martini with champagne.  The restaurant, Iron Works Tavern came highly recommended and the food was delicious, however 4 of the 6 orders (all for the chicken special of the night) were wrong.  They offered to fix it but we had time restrictions and ate what they sent.  It was very good, but not what we ordered.  The French Martini's were wonderful!

The Ocean State Theater Company did a spectacular job with their production of Rent.  The entire cast was outstanding, but the highlight of my night was watching my friend's nephew, Andrew, on stage.  I cheated and took a few photos with my iPhone!

I hate to admit it, but Rent is one of my least favorite shows.  I saw it many years ago in an Off Broadway production and did not like it very much.  I like happy shows and happy movies, and Rent was quite frankly a bit depressing for me, but I do have to say this cast was tremendous.  The music was fantastic and it was such a joy to see Andrew performing and following his dream to land a role in a Broadway show!

So I wonder, being that Rent is so highly acclaimed, am I the only person who doesn't care too much for this show?  What kind of plays do you prefer when you go to the theater?


  1. I typically like inspirational plays or one that has some type of uplifting message at the end. I have seen Rent previews on TV, but I've never seen the play & if it is depressing I definitely don't want to see it. Kudos to your friend's nephew for following his dream.

    1. a few of us were discussing it last night. My friend's daughter mentioned it is one of her favorite plays where my daughter and I both didn't like it at all. One of our favorites was Miss Saigon and while some of it was sad also, it was a fantastic play. So you may actually like Rent yourself! The music is great and if you do see it, I'd love to hear what you think!