Tuesday, August 1, 2017

I Have to Brag A Bit Today...

We begin August with a little over half of the summer over.  We've arrived home after spending July at the beach for a much needed break after a really rough school year. 

While David began his high school career at one of the most prestigious high schools in the state, Michael struggled through his last year of middle school.  Academically, both boys are at the top of their class, however, social aspects of autism caught up with Michael.  We had some tense months but received wonderful support from school and made it to promotion to high school.  

Everyone needed some down time and the beach was the perfect venue. We're now home and gearing up for the last couple of weeks of lazy summer days.  

Michael was accepted to Classical High School and signed up for cross-country track which should start up a couple of weeks prior to the start of school.  He also scored in the top 50 on the history portion of the entrance exam, earning him a spot in AP World History, a college accredited course.  

Speaking of AP World History, David had also earned his position this past year and today, he signed onto the college board website to see what his grade was, highest being a 5, lowest a 1.  He scored a 5.  

As a Freshman in high school, David already has one college course under his belt, thus my bragging rights! 

Congratulations, David!!

#proudmom #smartypants 

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