Tuesday, February 17, 2015

No Two Snowflakes are the Same...

We're getting more snow and I went out to shovel.  I immediately noticed the shimmery snow and could see very distinct snowflakes.  In went the shovel, out came the camera and not my Nikon, my little Home Shopping Network Fuji camera,  a little fancier point and shoot with a super macro setting.  

Nature never fails to amaze me.  No two snowflakes are the same and I would concur.  I stood on my front walk and watched the snowflakes gently fall on my camera strap, scarf, ski jacket and some leaves on the bushes that haven't been buried under piles of snow.  

We've had enough snow here and everyone is frustrated, so hopefully these photos will bring a little enjoyment your way.

And one was chosen for the weather photo on the news!