Thursday, February 20, 2014

Winter Blues? GO OUT AND PLAY!

Just in the past couple of weeks Mother Nature has graced us with several snow storms.  This week has been February vacation, but there was a snow day the preceding Thursday.  This set off a flurry of activity on my Facebook feed as it has done all winter, every time snow was forecasted.  And pretty much the same people are complaining.  While I do appreciate the dilemma of finding child care when school is cancelled but work is not, these same people that  whine "They cancelled school for THIS?", are also moaning, "Why didn't they cancel today, the roads are a mess."  And they will also be bitching in summer when "It's too freaking hot out".   

The only complaint I had was during one storm in January.  I wanted to go sledding and my sons wanted to watch some DVD's.  Seriously?  Who's the kid here?  

The weather has caused me to make some delicious comfort food.  And drinks.  Well, what's a couple of extra pounds?  Spring is coming soon.  Really it is.  I think it is.   I hope it is.

Home-made Mac & Cheese
Pat D's Pulled Pork
Leftover Mac &  Cheese With Mimosa ~  For Breakfast!!!
But in the meantime we've tried to enjoy ourselves.  We've gone sledding, had a movie marathon for two days, and the board games came out.  I even sat down over a period of three days and read a book I had bought a couple of months ago, but hadn't yet had the opportunity to read.  It was wonderful!  

Tuesday's storm was a surprise.  Originally supposed to give us an inch or two, we instead got 5 inches of snowman snow!  Yippee!  We all suited up and went outside.  We made a snowman, I finished shoveling, made a batch of lemon drops and watched the kids pelt each other with snowballs and roll around in the snow.  I made NY System Weiners (It's a Rhode Island thing), took a nap and finished my book. 

NY System Weiners

We live in the Northeast.  It's winter.  It's cold.  There's snow.  People can either whine, moan, groan and complain, or sit back, enjoy a little extra time with their families, eat some comfort food and indulge in a couple of drinks, but for heaven's sake, GO OUT AND PLAY!!!

Beach time yet?

Best way to chill Lemon Drops!

Watching the Sunset


  1. Mmm. Your mac n cheese looks great. Every time I make it, I can't seem to follow the same recipe. : ) Winter is great if you get to go outside but not so great if you're stuck indoors and don't get any sun.

    1. I do miss the sun, but Spring will be here soon (I hope) I am dying to get on the bike path again. I'm sure you are enjoying the sun in Hawaii. Can't wait to get there some day!!