Thursday, October 24, 2013

Superstitious Much?

Walking home from the school bus stop, a shiny copper penny gleamed on the road.  As I picked it up I recited, “Find a penny, pick it up, and all say you’ll have good luck.”   I laughed to myself as my next thought was that my germiphobe husband would have probably had a heart attack on the spot if he saw me touch that filthy, germ infested coin.  And he would have been laid out in the coffin when I sat on the ground to get a photo! 

Do you avoid walking under ladders and ‘knock on wood’?  Do you pick up abandoned pennies on the ground ?   I read that if someone has a bad Friday the 13th, they may stress about all Friday the 13th's regardless of the fact that the ones before were pretty uneventful.  I usually have good Friday the 13th's.  Do you?

What are your superstitions?


  1. I used to believe in superstitions...don't sit a hat on the bed, don't sweep someone's feet, and a man has to be the first one who enters the house on New Year's. And I have broken my share of mirrors. And He still keeps on blessing me. ;)

    1. I haven't heard of a man entering the house on New Years! I really don't pay much attention to superstitions either. I walk under ladders, I've broken mirrors and I actually like Friday the 13th. But whenever I find a penny, I always say that little rhyme which is etched in my brain! And I have to say that I too feel blessed. Thanks for stopping by Michelle! :)