Friday, July 27, 2012

City Living With A Country Flair

We live in the city.  I'd rather live near the beach.  But I do love our house.  It is an undersized raised ranch on a small city lot, however, my husband purchased the lot next door about a dozen years ago which doubled the size of our property. A wooden fence and some of my landscaping later, our city lot looks more like a city park.

For the past five years, we planned on replacing the deck, which actually was just steps to the back door with a very small landing, not even large enough for a small table and chair set.  The steps wobbled, wood was rotting and the rails had been so rough with splinters that my husband took it off.  We found a reputable contractor and our new deck was built in May.  Not only did we replace the small deck at the side door, but we wrapped it around the back of the house.  

I planted a small vegetable and herb garden utilizing two raised bed kits from Home Depot and large containers dug halfway into the ground to rein in the herbs from spreading wildly.  I was even able to put a small row of corn on the back fence.

A small pond with a waterfall gives a nice soothing backdrop with the sound of running water and a massive butterfly bush attracts butterflies and even an occasional hummingbird.  We have a variety of birds visit the bird bath and come buy for an occasional suet treat!  And although I haven't seen him lately, a frog had taken up residence in the pond area this spring.

There is an 18ft above-ground pool in the back of the original lot which I opened this year in spite of the fact that we were at the beach last month.  We have been home now for a week, but I have been on house arrest.  My husband's car is stubbornly holding out for a reasonable explanation on why it keeps overheating and he had been using mine while it's in the shop, forcing me to do (the dreaded) housework.  But the boys are enjoying the pool, and we have been barbecuing and enjoying s'mores in the evening. 

 And I've been enjoying my homemade sangria while also catching up on some summer reading courtesy of some of my twitter friends!

And while I would rather be at the beach, home isn't really so bad.  And, since I am still on home confinement, I think I'll move on to trying a couple of new LUAU recipes for my 50th birthday bash next month!!

(Psst:  Don't tell anyone, but this is the Sangria recipe from a local restaurant that one of the waiters gave my hairdresser, and he passed it along to me):

made in 8 parts (ounces, cups, etc.)

3 parts ORANGE JUICE  (pulped or not)

cut up fruit to taste (I like apples and oranges)

Mix, Stir, ENJOY!!

I hope everyone is enjoying a great summer!! 

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