Saturday, June 16, 2012

Slow Down & Watch the Fireflies

Sometimes, we all should take a step back and just relax.

In our 20 years together, my husband and I have never taken a vacation where we just hung around and relaxed.  Vacations are hard to come by, and were even non-existent for the first seven years of our sons’ lives.  When we do go away, it is a mad dash to cram as many activities and places as we can in each and every day.  We wind up even more exhausted by the time we get home.

However, this June, on our semi-annual weekend visit to upstate NY, we broke tradition and we relaxed.  The inn we stay at has a baseball diamond on the property and David and the boys played baseball.  I grilled burgers and hotdogs in the backyard picnic area.

Baseball at the Inn

View of the Picnic Area from our Room

The boys played chess in the lobby, my husband read the paper, and I loaded pictures on my computer.  We went out to dinner every night.

Chess in the Lobby

On two of the nights, the innkeepers, George and Tina with whom we’ve become friends, joined us for dinner.  And on the last afternoon of our stay, they took us out on their pontoon boat and Michael went swimming with George in Lake Otsego. 

Swimming in the Lake

Lake Otsego

David, the boys and I went out to dinner after we all cleaned up and it was dark by the time we got back to our room.  But as we approached the door to our room, we were welcomed by hundreds of little flashing specs of light.

FIREFLIES!!  Hundreds of them!

I had not seen fireflies in at least 35 years! When I was a kid, my neighborhood in the city still had a small area of woods and I did occasionally see a firefly, but by the time I was 15, the land had all become developed and they were gone.  Mikey and David, Jr. were mesmerized by the tiny flecks of lights flashing all around them.   We all just stood at the back door reveling in the magical scene unfolding all around us.  I went to bed that night feeling so refreshed and happy. 

Life can be crazy, but sometimes you just have to slow down and watch the fireflies.

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